ALL vertical motors come with reverse standard. It is recoemended that the optional hydrualic  jack plate be purchased if you plan on using reverse. This is a $650.00 option. The jack plate is hydrualic and allows the motor to lower 4 inches. This allows the prop to be below the bottom of the boat.  This ensures maximum revserse thrust. Without it the transom is subject to heavy prop wash.


ORION Vertical series - all motors come with Maximun Reverse Thrust
HP Cylinders Motor brand MSRP
10.5 1 Briggs commercial $3,275.00
13 1 Kohler $3,375.00
15 1 Kohler $3,575.00
19 1 Briggs commercial $3,775.00
21 1 Kohler $4,175.00
24 2 Briggs commercial $4,875.00
25 2 Kohler $5,375.00
27 2 Briggs commercial $5,275.00
30 2 Kohler $5,875.00
36 2 Vanguard $6,075.00
37 2 Kohler $6,175.00


 gear box close up
side view                             24 hp Briggs commercial


Helios Family- The Helios family is our family of long tail mud motors. For 2012 we have borrowed a number of features from our surface drives. The 2012 Helios features an enclosed vertical tower very similar to the surface drives. We have extended the length of the drive tube as well. The 2012 Helios uses the same drive shaft end bells and drive assemblies that are used in the surface drives as well. Also please be aware that unlike most other long tails available our long tails feature gear reduction drive standard on all models. So this means our long tails have top end performance very close to a surface drive.


2013 Helios    Power tilt
  2 $1,475.00  
  6.5 $1,725.00  
  9 $1,975.00  
  13 $2475.00  
  15 $2,575.00 No
  22 $3275.00 No
  25 $3475.00 No


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